Cleaning up my Social Network

Finally, that stupid hype about the whole “Web 2.0″ stuff is over. I used to be very open to new standards and platforms, so I have a lot of small accounts in a lot of webservices. And I am currently cleaning them up, thinking about what I keep and what I delete.

  • The first account that I delete is my account on friendfeed. Its not that its not a good service in general, and its not that its not a good Idea to aggregate all the feeds of a person at once. But actually, the way I use it, its just a less adequate replacement for Yahoo Pipes, I never used it for actually posting something. For this, I always used Twitter, which is a lot more famous, with a lot more people. The only reason for friendfeed instead of twitter would be to access private feeds or provide private feeds to people without a twitter-acconut. Well, I dont see why I should have something like that anyway, talking about private stuff should not be done inside social networks which log conversations.
  • As soon as I get some blogsoftware running on my own vserver, I am not sure whether to keep my Yahoo Pipes account. Yahoo Pipes is an excellent service with nice facilities, but I am currently using it for filtering my blogposts into topics, which is something that is not possible with a free WordPress-account (at least as far as I knew at that time). As soon as I dont need it anymore, I will get rid of it, I think. Its a good service for certain purposes, and by now, it serves my needs well, but it adds additional complexity.
  • I dont really like reddit. I dont like its interface, I dont like its concept, I mostly cant manage to really follow discussion threads without having to visit them on the site. But unfortunately, there are some reddits which I am interested in, and on which I sometimes want to put comments. So I will keep this account, probably.
  • I dont really see the point to Twitter. I mean, technically, the way I am using it is as a shoutbox. I never really had any deeper discussion on anything I posted in Twitter, even with Twitter-Clients, I never really could structurize the messages I got. Thus, nowadays I am only posting stuff on twitter, not reading any tweets anymore. Since I want to keep my reddit-account, maybe I will delete my twitter-account and use my reddit-account for small posts which only contain one link and a small comment. Or just leave it but not posting anything anymore, or posting updates from my blog on Twitter (as an additional possibility for the people who dont know how to use a feedreader).
  • The only reason I still have my Facebook-Account is the Facebook-Chat. I dont have put many other information on it yet, and I will presumably keep it that way. The only reason for having it is that its a simple way of getting noobs which are too stupid to install ICQ in addition to their Skype-Account (which they use for chatting) a possibility of chatting with me – since they also have an AJAX-Chat, and its more likely that these people have a Facebook-Account than a Google-Account.
  • I think I will keep my Gravatar. Its nice. I wonder how they can finance their webservice.
  • I still have 3 E-Mail-Adresses from free Mail-Providers in use. I want to get rid of two of them. And I want to use E-Mail-Adresses from my university or on my own server more often from now, especially for private things.
  • I will keep my various IM-Accounts. Maybe I will once try to have an own Jabber-Server, instead of
  • I will keep my github-account, even though I can – in theory – already host all my git-repositories on my own servers. I like github. Especially, I like github more than sourceforge.

So, you may ask why I want to actually delete them instead of just keeping them running but not using them. Well, with every account I have, I give some company a piece of personal information. I am willing to do this if the service it provides is of use, and I am not paranoid about giving some companies my name and a mail-address and the opportunity to connect it with my comments, especially when its a small company which needs my participation. But still, giving it is granting a right, which gives this company a certain kind of power over me, which can be misused, and therefore needs trust. To trust a strange person or company with commercial interests, it must give me some reason, at least a service that many other people I know use and like.

And its not only the trust against the company and all its workers. Its also the trust in the security of their database structure and webinterfaces – even if no part of the company has malicous interests, the data can still get into the hands of somebody I dont want to have them.

Ok, so now, these were the old ones. In fact, I am also thinking of adding new accounts or unsing recently added accounts more often, and I am searching for some webservices that could be of use but I couldnt find yet.

  • Flattr sounds like a very interesting service. Paying “social micropayments” to other people sounds like a good alternative to that whole advertising- and drm-machinery which evolved in the internet.
  • Steam is software I dont really like much, but looks like it is a good alternative for having to manage a lot of games’ updates manually – i.e. its like a package manager (which is something I really miss on Windows). Actually, I dont have this problem since I am not a gamer, but seems like this was an issue. And of course, having one DRM-Platform that sucks is better than having many of them which all suck their own way. Hopefully, they will release Steam for Linux, and with it some additional games, or increase the wine-support. But ok, honestly, I dont think that this is going to happen.
  • I am currently searching for any possibility of structuring the bunch of mailing-lists I am subscribed to. I subscribed to several development-mailing-lists, mostly I subscribed when I had a small question, and didnt unsubscribe anymore afterwards. I would like to have these mailing-lists in my feed-reader rather than receiving e-mails, so it would be nice to have an e-mail-filter which only passes through answers on threads I posted on, and otherwise puts the mails into a feed. Same for NNTP-Threads.
  • I am currently searching for some possibility of polling a website for news and putting it into a newsfeed. The architecture would be some cronjob polling for changes on a certain given website, then creating a newsfeed of it with a link on an additional cgi-script that notices that I went to that page, and forwards me to it, so it knows that it again has to poll. This would be a nice workaround for pages that have no newsfeeds. I mean, I can create such a software myself, but maybe there already exists such a webservice. I know that there are Firefox-Extensions which do something similar.
  • Is there anything like an open webservice for TeX-Output? If not, could somebody please found one! Its a torture to get a simple secure TeX-Plugin work on a webserver with limited ressources. You could provide a webservice which puts small ads below the formulas if you want, as long as I dont have to do the work of setting this shit up myself.
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2 Antworten zu Cleaning up my Social Network

  1. Xamuel sagt:

    “I am currently searching for some possibility of polling a website for news and putting it into a newsfeed.”

    Maybe this is what you’re looking for:

  2. dasuxullebt sagt:

    Nice. Thank you. I will look at that feature (hope one can export that feed).

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