Creating Webcomics with GIMP

Since I am still trying to create some kind of game in common lisp, I was wondering about the possibilities to create comic-graphics for people like me who neither have talent nore knowledge nore money nore time to do so.

Buying a graphics-tablet should be the best solution, as far as I read. But I dont really want to create beautiful graphics, and I dont want to do it often. Actually, I like naïve art and dadaism.

So well, this is no solution for me. Fortunately, I have a scanner, so I can draw things using old-fashioned pen and pencil, then scan it, and then… Well… Using Gimp. Gimp has a lot of filters allowing to make graphics more comic-like. This solution is certainly not the best, it has its disadvantages, and – well – the graphics created do not look perfect. Anyway, I think the image below looks good. It is a caricature of C. J. Caesar I have made the first time during boring latin-lessons.



2 Responses to Creating Webcomics with GIMP

  1. dasuxullebt sagt:

    Woher wusstest du das?

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