Dark Gepa-Chocolate – A catapult of political correctness

Yesterday I bought a bar of chocolate I have found in my local Tengelmann. Since I have read Peter Singer’s book „Eating“ (I have written about it on this blog before) I am more interested in issues about fair trade, and already switched to coffee certified by the GEPA.The problem I had with chocolate was that in the shops I have found GEPA-Certified stuff so far, I have never found dark chocolate without milk or animal products – this was a clash between my interest to be vegan and to buy social acceptable products – since dark chocolate costs a lot less than the GEPA-Stuff I have found which contains milk, I simply preferred the cheaper one (most people would prefer human welfare to animal-welfare, and in some cases I also do, but to me this is not clear from scratch).

Anyway, I was surprised that they have GEPA-Stuff (actually, I found it only in one of their stores so far), and I was even more surprised that they have dark chocolate. Looking closer to it, I found that the ingredients are completely free of animal products, at least as far as I know. The only think I wasnt sure about is coacoa butter, but it seems like this doesnt contain real milk, and is an extraction of coacoa.

Another thing is that they explicitly write „May contain traces of nuts, milk and wheat components“ – as far as I know, that means, maybe the chocolate is confected in a barrel where other chocolate, containing nuts or milk or wheat, is confected, too – they wouldnt write this if milk was a part of the ingredients of that chocolate. I have no problem with „traces“ of animal products – these companies produce chocolate for many people, also for people who like milk-chocolate. Its the people’s fault, not the companies‘, and it shows that the companies could easily turn to producing animal-product-free products if noone would buy products containing animal products.

Here is a picture of it (I really love my camera and bluetooth):
Cover of the Chocolate
They had a few other tastes, but I like dark chocolate with orange taste. It wasnt even that expensive, 1.69€. I have seen chocolate, for example from Sarotti, being more expensive. It also carries the german seal of organic certification.

Well, the title of this article is a loose translation of the german phrase „eine politische Korrektheitsschleuder“ – a catapult of political correctness. Sure, I am a little too enthusiastic about this. But it is good that such things exist.


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