Boss of the Week: Donkey Kong ’94 – Giga Kong

I already posted a boss out of this game, which was the boss before the final boss. In the final boss of Donkey Kong ’94, Donkey Kong fell of the Tower, then drops some mushrooms (I actually do not really understand that – maybe it’s because mushrooms make Mario small in the rest of the game) and grows big. Only his head and his hands are appearing on the screen on top of the tower. I would call this epic – at least for a GameBoy-Game.

With his hands he tries to squish Mario either with the barrels and girders falling from the top of the screen when he punches the bottom, or by clapping his hands together. Mario has to get these falling barrels and throw it onto Donkey Kong’s nose.

This video is not made by me, I found it on Youtube. Enjoy!


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