Fascinating facilities with JavaScript

This morning I read about the DrawingCanvas object which is usable in Webpages for most Browsers. I read this tutorial, but didnt make anything myself so far. I just viewed a few examples. The problem that this tutorial states is, that this object wasnt made for Animations.  Which makes many Animations very slow. On the other hand, I saw the example under http://www.benjoffe.com/code/demos/canvascape/textures. I dont like egoshooters, but anyway, this example is fascinating. It is nothing „new“, and it is slow. But since it uses a framework which wasnt even thought to do animations and creates a 3d-engine on top of this, it is not that slow. The non-textured version http://www.benjoffe.com/code/demos/canvascape/ is reasonable fast.
Anyway, why cant DrawingCanvases not be extended such that they are more suitable for animations – and why are there no 3d-facilities for JavaScript. We wouldnt neet Flash or Java (or Silverlight) in the internet, if JavaScript would be optimized in that way. Actually, I dont really understand the problem.


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