Boss of the Week: Minish Cap – Vaati (Transfigured)

Believe it or not, the first Zelda-Game’s final boss I have ever really played was the one from The Legend Of Zelda – The Minish Cap – even though this wasnt the first zelda game I played (but I somehow made a huge pause playing Zelda), it was the first that I played to the end.

Not because it was so exciting, but simply because it is so short and comparably easy. And actually, this is not one of my favourite zelda-games, it is rather bad.

Anyway, I liked the following Boss. The music is somehow strange, but the boss itself is even more strange.

At a point in this game, you get the facility to temporarily create copies of yourself, so you can push large stones, etc. – you need this facility for this boss. You have to find the right eyes around it, shoot them with an arrow, and then make copies of you in the right direction and attack them with the sword. This is really annoying, as it can take a long time, since everytime you are hit by anything else, you will lose your copies and have to go back to the center of the room.

As before, the following video was not made by me, just found it on youtube. Enjoy!


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