Boss of the Week: Monkey Island – Sword Master (Carla)

The Secret of Monkey Island is an old Point-And-Click-Adventure running on Scumm, which was released about 1990 for DOS.

It is a very funny game, with a very quiet atmosphere and with graphics that simply cannot be realized in any modern game, since any modern game would have a higher screen resolution, and the graphics in this game would suffer from that.

It doesnt really have any bosses. But in the first part, there are sword fights with an interesting fight-system: You dont really „fight“, you just have to insult your opponent better than he insults you. By fighting against some pirates, you are collecting additional insults and answers for them. If you have collected enough, you come to the Sword Master (named Carla). She has new insults, and you have to be a little creative to beat her with your collected insults.

I think it was a really great Idea, to fight with insults. The whole game is sarcastic and not too serious.

This time I dont embed a video, since I couldnt find any which is not commented, and the one I will put a link on shows the fights against other pirates as well as the way to find the sword master, before beating her.

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