Boss of the Week: Twilight Princess – Ganon’s Puppet Zelda

Since I dont know how long I will keep up this blog, I begin to post the things I always postponed. For example, the following boss was one of the bosses I had in mind when starting the Bosses of the Week.

Its the first of the four last bosses in Twilight Princess. A very easy, but still very interesting boss. Zelda is being possessed by Ganondorf. You will have to fight against her. The concept is easy and well-known, for example from other Ganondorf Battles.

The Video I found is – like always – not made by me. It shows the way to the castle as well as the cutscene before that boss. For somebody who is interested in that game or Zelda in general or whatever, this might be interesting. It might also be interesting to understand what’s going on at the moment in the game. On the other hand, it is very long. So for anyone else just skip to 4:21.

The Video is not embeddable – why ever. So just follow this link.


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