Subscribing feeds with tt-rss under Opera.

Opera has its own Feed-Reader. And it seems like its not that easy to change it (at least I am too lazy to do that, and seems like other people have tried it and didnt succeed).

I found this userspace-script, but actually I dont know what exactly to do with it, it seems like it just changes the URL’s in the link-tags. That’s useful, but it’s not what I want – I want a preview before subscribing.

So I created a bookmark-button with the URL javascript:void(location.href=’http://tt-rss-root-domain/backend.php?op=pref-feeds&subop=add&cat_id=0&feed_url=’+escape(location.href)) – this only works when JavaScript is enabled. Then I just have to press that button to subscribe to the previewed feed.

Since at the moment I tend to unsubscribe from feeds rather than subscribing new ones, I wont use this too often in the near future, and in the long term I will certainly use another browser rather than Opera (wer rastet der rostet, scnr).


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