A detailed preview of my JNR-game, written in Common Lisp

Unfortunately it became a little longer than 10 minutes, so I had to split it:

Part 1:

Part 2:


12 Responses to A detailed preview of my JNR-game, written in Common Lisp

  1. blx sagt:

    check out #lispgames irc channel at freenode

  2. Shane sagt:

    Very cool. Thank you for providing a screencast of it. I thought it was especially nice to see when you made a mistake on the color, you could can change it, evaluate the new definition, and restart the game very quickly. Also, I don’t think there’s any need to apologize for your accent or language. I had no difficulty understanding you at all.

  3. Partap sagt:

    That’s a nice demo. I’ve been interested in writing a game in CL for a while but don’t have much experience and my eforts never seem to get anywhere.
    I’d like very much to see your source code in order to see the basic approach you took.

  4. dasuxullebt sagt:

    I’ll publish the code as soon as I have cleaned it up a bit – there are lots of deprecated comments in it (and a few comments that I do not want to publist ^^) – and as soon as I find a license under which I can release it. I actually dont know much about licensing stuff. I’d like to have it GPL’ed, but dont know if this is possible with the libraries I use. But as soon as this is clear I will make the code public.

  5. Balooga sagt:

    It’s great that you are using lispbuilder-sdl.

    I read in your README that you are using a commit version 759 from svn. Are you pulling lispbuilder-sdl from the old repository on Sourceforge or the new repository on googlecode?


    Hopefully syncing with HEAD won’t break your code too much.

  6. dasuxullebt sagt:

    I am glad that you are interested in my code.

    Actually I pulled lispbuilder from the old Repository from Sourceforge. The revision is somewhat old, because at that time there were several API-Chances in lispbuilder as far as I remember (and I didnt like to change my code for every new Revision).

    I just tested it under the googlecode-revision 1083, and it seems like it works there, too (I even get less compiler warnings), so I will switch to this revision I think. I’ll change the Readme soon.

  7. Sören sagt:

    Wie heißt das pinke Vieh überhaupt?

  8. dasuxullebt sagt:

    Sollte man sich doch beim Namen „Uxul World“ denken können, oder? Es ist das Uxul.

  9. Soern sagt:

    und wie heißt dann das rote vieh?

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