Publishing the Code of my JNR so far

As I was asked to publish the source code of my game, even though it is far away from being finished, I decided to put it on my new github-account.

To get it, just clone the git-repo git://

I think I will use this Repo for programming it in the future.

I didnt put it under any license yet, sorry for that, but I am not sure about the license, so I postpone this decision to the finishing of the project (sorry, at the moment I dont even have the time for Coding, nore for thinking about licensing-stuff). I dont expect anybody to really use parts of the code, but if somebody does, just tell me, then I would add some (liberal) license to it.

The state of the code is almost the same as in my Screencast (I changed only little things since then). It should work as shown there – maybe compiler-errors occur (sometimes this happens when I use distinct versions of libraries on different computers) but they should be easy to resolve.

This code has parts which I have written more than two years ago, when I was beginning to use Common Lisp, and parts which I have written … yesterday. So dont wonder about deprecated (or „too“ exact) documentation and a strange coding-style which is changing throughout the code.

If you have any suggestions or questions, just ask me.

Since holidays‘ end is near, for the next months I dont expect to have much time to write much code for it, except little changes, the code will certainly stay in the form it is now, unfortunately.


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