About two failed good Ideas for Video Gaming

What an interesting video about the Power Glove. Thats a remote control for the NES.

Well, ok, according to the video it didnt work. And thats maybe the reason why this type of Controlling Device for Video Games has taken so long to find a comeback. It is a good idea which has been pushed to the industry before it was mature – so other companies also desist from creating a similar device, fearing that it will flop like the power glove. It’s a pity. In the above video, one game has even some sort of 3d-Graphics with 3d-cinema-glasses. Maybe if they invested just a few more years to really get this thing „stealth“, the game industry, and within it the whole research about virtual and augmented realities, could have become completely different – just think of the NES and SNES being presumably more famous and spread than today’s consoles (NES and SNES basically had no serious competitors).

Another example for the same problem: The Nintendo Virtual Boy. A kind of 3d glasses but with single-colored LED Lights. It was a flop. Noone else was brave enough to consider producing a similar thing. So from then almost 15 Years have gone, and now they are at first trying some new technologies for creating real 3d-Views of Games which may come in about 5 Years.

That is really a pity. But its a general problem, these are only two examples of many, not just in the Gaming Industry.

In this video you can see Volker Pispers (a german cabaret artist) blackbiting about Siemens, telling that some engineer told him that the workers know that many products do not work properly, but they simply dont have enough time to finish their projects, and he tells that the engineers are calling this „banana version“ – it ripes at the customer’s home. I think this somehow tells the problem. And I think there are a lot of „banana versions“ out there…


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