(The Final) Boss of the Week: Kirby 64 – Zero Two

Today I want to show you my current favourite boss. Zero Two from Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards.

I think there is not much to say about it – you are flying around him trying to shoot with the crystals into the center of his eye and if enough, onto his halo, and then to his spike and avoid the blood coming out of it. While that, he is also shooting with some kind of bubbles on you, which you have to avoid. The boss is a bit confusing the first time and for a kirby-boss it is pretty hard.

What first confused me was that Zero Two looked like an Angel, but actually thats not true, Halo and Wings are also signs for dead things, not only for angels. He is already dead, Kirby has beaten him in Kirby’s Dream Land 3 – at least as far as the Kirby Wiki sais.

What made me love this boss is the Music – still one of my favourite melodies. Listen to it! It is in fact not the usual kirby-style-music. I think it is epic!

Here is a video (as before not made by me and just found on youtube – the two levels before the boss are shown in this video, the boss itself begins at about 0:40):

This will be the last Boss of the Week for now. I could post about further bosses, but I think this would become absurd, since I only wanted to write posts about interesting bosses, and I think I have posted about most of what I wanted to post related to this topic. So now I have another problem: What will keep me producing blogposts at least weekly? Well, I will start a „poll“ about it maybe next week. If you already have any suggestions, feel free to tell me.


2 Responses to (The Final) Boss of the Week: Kirby 64 – Zero Two

  1. Soern sagt:

    Du kannst ja über normale Computergegner bloggen anstelle über Bossgegner. Gerade die normalen Gegner prägen ein Computerspiel.

  2. dasuxullebt sagt:

    Hmja, wäre eine Idee. Aber da wird es dann schwer Aufnahmen und so zu finden – und selber machen ist Aufwendig und kostet mich eventuell sogar Geld. Außerdem wird das glaube ich langweilig. Es haben sich eh schon scheinbar nur sehr wenige Leute für die Endgegner interessiert. Vielleicht sollte ich ein anderes Thema erwägen.

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