Virtualization – Make your computer suck twice

Yesterday I tried to put a few things on my Mobile Phone using Bluetooth. Well, under Linux, Bluetooth always worked well, but since the last kernel-upgrade, it doesnt work anymore. Some parts work (stick is recognized and can scan), but some dont (cannot send, etc.). So what I basically did was using my Windows Vista inside Virtualbox, using USB-Forwarding. And it worked. Once. But then Windows Vista thought it had to Upgrade itself. Somehow this upgrade didnt work. And so it rebooted a few times. After that, bluetooth under Vista didnt work anymore. And Text rendered by Vista was shown only for a part of a second, and then disappeared by black rectangles. Rebooting didnt work. I wanted to start it in safe mode, but I couldnt get Windows to do so.

So well, I thought, maybe I’d install another Linux-Kernel. So I did this. Then Virtualbox had to recompile of course, because the Kernel Module hat to be upgraded, too.

In the aftermath, Linux boots, but still cannot use my bluetooth-stick properly, while Windows doesnt boot at all.

Thats what Virtualization Technology brings to us: Your computer sucks not only once, it can suck multiple times, because you can run multiple sucking operating systems. Soon I will hopefully get my MacBook – then I can run three OSes, so my computer can suck three times.

And with Virtualbox’s desktop-integration, you can expierience the MULTIPLE SUCK4G3 on ON3 D3SKTOP!


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