An interesting little application is Climplayer. It is a CLIM-Interface to mplayer.

The most amazing part about this software is: It works. Yes. A (more or less complex) CL-Gui-Application that really works. And even more amazing: It is usable. And – you better sit down – it is useful, even for a non-programmer.

Well, there are – even though – a lot of other mplayer-frontends out there. Most of them suck! And – wah, now it is getting really weird – this one sucks less! It has minimal functionality, but actually, anything you need. Well, CLIM is sort of … unusual … behaves a little different from other UI-Toolkits. But one can get used to that.

Well, a little criticism I have to pass, though: It would be great to have buttons for turning the music louder and less loud (should work by sending „volume +n“ and „volume -n“ to mplayer). I tried to modify the code myself but actually I couldnt. So I think I’ll write this suggestion to their mailinglist.


3 Responses to Climplayer

  1. A CLIM application that works and is usable to some extent?

    Maybe this century isn’t that bad after all.

    I’ll check it out, thanks.

  2. Another great new piece of Common Lisp software is shuffletron by Andy Hefner:

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