Reddit, Usenet, etc.

So far, three of my Blog-Posts were linked on Reddit. The first one was the screencast of the game I am currently (well, due to the lack of time, actually currently not) programming at. This was really motivating me.

The second one was a post about Clojure. I made fun of some „performance tips“. I never would have expected that anybody even notices this blogpost, but according to my blog-statistics, it was viewed more than 5000 times – the post about my game had only about 1200 views.

On the one hand, this shows, that the clojure-community is huge and active. Thats a good thing – well, Clojure is not my favourite language, but it has a lot of lispy concepts I like, and if it becomes famous, well, thats good. It is still one of the best programming languages I know – I dont like it, but actually, I dont hate it, but I hate many other programming languages.

On the other hand, it makes me sad. Seems like with negative comments you can gain a lot more attention than with positive comments.

Same with my recent post about Haskell. It was posted on reddit. Well, there were only a few hundred views, and some really nice comments. Seems like there are a lot of friendly people in the Haskell-Community. Anyway, the first comment on reddit is almost insulting (Well, my english is far away from being perfect, but is it really that bad that its the first thing to say about my posts?)

The positive things I said about Haskell were completely ignored by this person. I wonder why negative comments on languages gain more attention than positive ones. And I wonder why criticism or comments always have to lead to such discussions. Compared to much more interesting things linked on reddit, which dont get comments anyway.

I have also seen similar things in comp.lang.lisp. I follow the posts there, but do not send mails to there – well, it gets on ones nerves if you see yet another „better“ lambda-syntax or yet another person complaining that you cannot leave out „obvious“ brackets in lisp, but also there, any criticism about (common) lisp seems to lead to insults and flames.

Sometimes, to me it looks like though there are a lot of normal, friendly people out there, these boards are controlled by a kindergarten of trolls and flamers who just wait for their chance. Ok, I guess thats what the internet is about, but do boards about intelligent programming-languages really have to be like that?


One Response to Reddit, Usenet, etc.

  1. ertes sagt:

    What do we experience as pleasure? To change something. We love to observe the impact of our actions. If there is none, we’re unsatisfied. This is why flamewars exist, because everyone wants to change everyone else’s mind. How do you do that? Not through agreement.

    This is the cycle of a blog entry: You write it, because you have something, which you would like to communicate. You do this, because you want to fascinate, educate or at least make people agree. Most people, who read it, simply agree or learn something. They appreciate your entry, but they don’t find anything wrong with it, so they simply go away. After all they have nothing to gain, neither materially nor psychologically, from sharing their appreciation.

    Some people, however, find things incorrect or inaccurate. They will be the ones posting comments. Here is a funny illustration of this:

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