Zelda Timelines

To me as a Zelda-Fan (well, at least I would consider myself as a fan, even thought I havent played through all parts yet, and I dont have all side-stories, comics and cartoons off pat) it is quite interesting to think about the timeline of the many Zelda-Games – as many people before me have already done. Well, its not important at all, but its still interesting, if you know a lot of that franchise.

Well, the Angry Video Game Nerd has made a video about the timeline of zelda – it is not a usual AVGN-Style-Video, as he states before the rest of the video. Well, in fact, its hard to get angry about Zelda – at least the old parts, the newer parts are becoming shit. Well, here is his video, from youtube:

His views are interesting. Actually, it is hard to create a proper timeline. But actually, Nintendo should keep it that way – it is fun to think about it, and well, there are a lot of people arguing about this – thats the best kind of advertisement you can have for your franchise.

Well, let me explain my own point of view. I think the split timeline is plausible (and actually, isnt it already official?).

Actually, the first time I played Minish Cap, I thought it was the last game, taking part thousands of years after Ocarina Of Time, but actually, it’s true, that its plausible to put it to the beginning of the story. The caracter „link“ is introduced. The cap is introduced. And actually, the enemy Vaati appears not that „evil“, compared to Ganon. Directly afterwards comes Ocarina Of Time, its the first time Ganondorf appears. The Link in this adventure is – of course – not the same link, and its also another Zelda. Well, actually, it seems like it takes place a lot of generations afterwards. In this game, the Timeline is split into two parts. The one part – with the young Link – leads to Majora’s Mask. After Majora’s Mask, I would place Link’s Awakening. Link is trying to get back to Hyrule, but his ship wrecks, and he is caught in that dream of Koholint Island. After that, he returns to Hyrule, but with no equipment anymore. Thats where I would put the first part of Zelda. Ganondorf could have found another way of gaining power in this timeline, after his plans didnt work due to the warnings from the young Link. Link is meanwhile grown up and takes the fight again. Then comes Zelda II. As it wouldnt fit into my second timeline, I think Wind Waker takes place after these events, when Ganon again gained power and therefore Hyrule is flooded.

In the second Timeline, Ganondorf is being captured, and stays captured for a while, until we reach A Link To The Past, his trial to break out again through the form of Aghanim. A new generation is born now, with a new Link and Zelda, but they again have to defeat Ganon. Generatons after that, I would place Twilight Princess, mainly because of the Twilight Realm, seen as a reference to the dark world in LTTP – there are many similarities, so I would consider it so. People turn into monsters, and you can use a Mirror to go there. After Ganon was brought there, somehow the people began to ban other people into there, but somehow they formed a „good“ kingdom in the meantime. Ganon keeps hidden and waits for a chance, then uses Zant to take it over. After that game, they finally defeat Ganon, and so, Ganon gets away from Hyrule.

Actually, I think, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages play at the end of both of these timelines. Ganon gives up Hyrule and goes to other places. Link is forced to go there, too. But I havent played them yet, so I am not quite sure if this would fit. Lets consider this game as a story uniting both timelines again.

I dont know Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, and actually I dont really consider them to be part of the story.

Whatever. I stated my point of view so far. Comments are welcome (even though I dont expect too much of them).


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