Playing Zelda with Cheats

Today I had the opportunity to play Ocarina Of Time with some Cheats. There are cheats for getting an infinite number of some items, as well as cheats giving some additional powers. The most interesting Cheat is a well-known cheat that lets you levitate when pressing the R-Button. Here is a Youtube-Video I found (not made by me) showing some of the things one can do with it. But actually, there are a lot of Youtube-Videos about it. Seems like this cheat is well-known, and seems like for Twilight Princess there is a similar cheat already.

Anyway. Using this cheat one can see how well this game is designed. For many objects, like the Hyrule Castle, and some background objects, there is only the front there, no background-surfaces are rendered – still, if you dont have a cheat, you wont notice this. In the times of the N64, Zelda really was a game that brought the Hardware to its limits, and therefore I guess any polygon counted when designing this game.

Anyway. Playing with cheats can be fun, but its not the same. If you want to play this game, and haven’t yet, first play it, and then maybe use cheats. Only then you will be able to see the great artwork in that game.


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