Weekly Game Music #11: Donkey Kong ’94 – Credits / Donkey Kong Country – Intro / Mario vs DK 1,2 – Credits

Donkey Kong ’94 was the first Game that was able to use the special facilities of the Super Game Boy. Thus, it has two Versions of its Credit Theme.

One with ordinary GameBoy-Beeps:

On the Super GameBoy, this is:

The basic theme of that music appears again in the Intro of Donkey Kong Country. „Historically“, as far as I know, the „Donkey Kong“ in that game isnt the bad Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong ’94, but sort of his son (Donkey Kong Jr ?), while the „original“ Donkey Kong is now called Cranky Kong. Maybe therefore is the reference to the old Game. In the intro, Cranky Kong plays his gramophone with that old song, and then the new Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong appear with their new version of it, which is supposed to be „cool“ (but actually it gets on my nerves, and since I like grammophones, I dont like the schene where it is broken). So here it is:

The same appears in the Credits of „Mario vs. Donkey Kong“. It actually begins with the Mario Bros. Theme, but then (from 0:58 in the video) you will hear that Donkey Kong Theme:

The Credits of „Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2“ is mainly a Remix of the Credits from the first part:

Actually, I wonder where this Theme originally comes from, since so many Donkey Kong Games refer to it. Maybe from some old arcade game? Unfortunately, I couldnt find that out, so I dont know. If somebody knows where it comes from (or at least knows an older Game than Donkey Kong ’94 where it appears), please let me know.

As always, these Videos were not made by me and just found on youtube.


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