„The TeX Pestilence“

An interesting essay which was linked on comp.lang.lisp is „The TeX Pestilence„. Actually, I didnt read the discussions on comp.lang.lisp, because, well, these discussions can take long and are usually not very productive in both, reading and taking part.

To me, this essay is interesting mainly because it is almost like a summary of why I myself dont like (and dont use) TeX or even LaTeX, but with better, deeper-looking reasoning. Mostly, I am using TeXmacs (which – even though it is named so – doesnt base on TeX), if I want to quickly get some small stuff done, for anything „huge“ I dont know – maybe I would use LaTeX, too, because there are quite some good editors for it meanwhile, and because I simply dont know any better system. MathML is not really an alternative.


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