Blindness, bosses and sighted tongues

The physical disablements I certainly fear most are being blind and being paraplegic. They are the worst physical handicaps I myself can imagine. Because it somehow takes my freedom away. The freedom to go where I want. There may be lot of stuff done to make the world more suitable for blind people and wheelchair-drivers, but when looking at it, I just cannot imagine that any blind person can orient themselves through a strange town. And for wheelchairs, maybe the orientation is not the problem, but actually getting to where you need to.

So, whenever I see a wheelchair-driver or a blind person, I somehow feel compassion. It annoyes me that in some towns stoplights are either not giving any accustic signals anyway, or you never know which signals they give when. Seems like there is no standard (which would be necessary). I dont know how blind people can handle this situation. Well, if they know their way, they know how the stoplights behave. But if they are new to a town, how can they know? It also annoyes me that often, lifts and escalators in stations are turned off – often because some stupid people damage them. I wonder how wheelchair-drivers manage this.

Anyway, seems like many people can live with these handicaps. It is amazing what some people can do though. For example, on youtube, there is a guy which is born blind, beating bosses from video games. For example, Bongo Bongo (a boss from Zelda Ocarina of Time) – if you know this boss, maye you want to see his video with this fight. In another video he shows how he playes Blizetta (a boss from Zelda Twilight Princess) which is also interesting if you dont know the game, because you see how he does it:

Thats also amazing because I consider this boss comparably hard.

I always find it good if there is some new technology helping such people to transcend their disablement. Today I read about a gadget which projects a small image from a camera onto the tounge of a person, helping this person to „see“ a little. It is called BrainPort. There is also a video about it:


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