Weekly Game Music: Touhou – Sakuya’s Theme / Flowering Night

In the past I mainly played Console-Games, because in the beginning I didnt even have a computer, and afterwards just an old one. And then came Linux, which hasnt really been suitable for games in the past. Therefore, till a few months ago, I have to admit, I didnt even know of Touhou. And so far I havent played these games often. Anyway, the music of these games is fantastic. And you can find a lot of remixes of almost every theme.

My current favourite theme is „Flowering Night“. It appears in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Phantasmagoria, and maybe some other games. Here it is:

The same theme appears in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody:

And well, there is also a McRoll in which this theme appears:

As always, the videos are not made by me, just found on youtube, so be kind, comment and rate them.


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