Was ich die nächste Zeit so machen werde …

Mi, 09 Sep 2009 00:56:02 +0200

Nur um mal einen kurzen Überblick darüber zu geben, was ich die nächste Zeit so machen werde (und weshalb ich deswegen auch weniger Blogge), habe ich das folgende Bild gemacht, das vermutlich für sich selbst spricht:



Randomly Found Software #2: Neverball

Mi, 09 Sep 2009 00:34:12 +0200

Today, I found a nice game on freshmeat, namely Neverball. Its a 3D-Minigame, where you navigate a ball by turning and rotating the bottom, collecting coins. Similar games are well known, but this one looks good and is open source. There is also an Ubuntu-Package, I have just installed. Seems like there is also a possibility to create own levels, but I didnt try that yet (actually, I shouldnt play games at the moment anyway, I have a lot of work to do). Well, to be honest, its nothing special, but its nice. A nice little game for the hard working student who just has chunks of 10 minutes of free time.