Randomly Found Software #4: Game and Watch Simulator

The Game And Watch is a series of Handheld LCD-Games, produced by Nintendo in the early 1980’s. For some reason (I really dont see why) it has made gaming-history. And so, there are many revivals like the Game And Watch Gallery.

One such revival for a PC is the Game and Watch Simulator. It is basically an sdl-app which is showing an image of a handheld-device (not only Game and Watch, as there were other similar devices). It has only few games yet, quote from homepage:

„Currently 6 games from VTECH are simulated: MONKEY, PIRATE, DEFENDO, CONDOR, PANCAKE and ROLLER COASTER.“

And honestly, I myself didnt really enjoy playing them. Maybe thats even too anachronistic for me, well, I like old games, but mostly I like them because I enjoy them at least a little. These are just boring.

Still, this software is a well-done piece of software and for somebody who gets nostalgic feelings when thinking of the Game and Watch, it is certainly the right thing.


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