Do, 17 Sep 2009 04:07:55 +0200

Just look at the following picture. And think about it. Then read on.

Well, when I first saw it, it made me angry. How can they make fun of that poor child?

But thinking about it changed my mind a bit. This picture with that text should make anybody angry at first sight. At least I hope so. Nobody should really find it funny. But maybe thats exactly what we need. I have seen a lot of advertisements with „crying poor children“, but to be honest: It doesnt make me feel sad anymore. Of course, thats something you shoudnt say. Actually, I „know“ that this isnt good, but I dont „feel“ sad.

But isnt that what pictures of „crying poor children“ want to achieve? Sad feeling in the audience? Such pictures dont make anyone understand better whats going on when a child is hungry. We all know that hunger is a bad feeling, and you can die if you dont have anything to eat. To understand that these people are poor, it is enough to tell that they dont have anything they can eat. But advertisements for welfare organizations want to produce a sad feeling. Thats – I think – why they mostly show children.

But maybe, pictures of crying children are not sufficient to make people sad anymore. That itself may be a sad fact, too. But fact is fact. On the other hand, I think the above picture needles most of the people watching it. So maybe, the above picture is a better advertisement for welfare organizations than most of the stuff they produce.

If you dont want such pictures, then fight against world hunger!