Randomly Found Software: Rezerwar

Mi, 23 Sep 2009 21:39:06 +0200

I’ll stop the stupid enumerating of these posts now, because one can get a timeline by just using the search function on this blog (and it saves me a little work).

About two weeks ago, I found an interesting software linked on Freshmeat, namely the puzzle game Rezerwar. The homepage describes it as

puzzle game that could be described as the illegitimate child of a known tetromino game and the average pipe game. It runs on Linux, Windows, Nintendo Wii (homebrew), FreeBSD, Amiga OS, etc. The whole game was created with open-source software including graphics, sounds and musics.

And well, thats how one could describe it.

During the tutorial, you have to do some quests. The game mode itself is slightly different. You will get piped blocks falling down which you can push left or right, and turn around. You can connect these pipes with pipes on the left and right edge of the play field. When you connect a network of pipes with them, which is closed then, the stones disappear and you get points. There are also some special stones which just blast parts of the stones away, or add additional pipes to them. Also, there are moles digging around.

Its quite a nice game, though it sometimes crashes.