Weekly Game Music: Kirby Super Star – Marx Battle

Marx is the final boss in Milky Way Wishes, which is a part of Kirby Super Star. He is a very strange character, feinting Kirby to get power over the planet Pop Star where they live on. Unfortunately, I never found the time to really play that game through, so I never played this boss. Anyway. Its music is very impressive:

The remake of that game, named Kirby Super Star Ultra, has the music too, in a better quality, but mostly it is the same:

Unfortunately, also Super Smash Bros. Brawl also has to libel that melody, as many other melodies, even though its not that bad this time:

Of course, there is at least one Mario Paint Remix:

And another Mario Paint remix:

Of course, there is also an 8-Bit-Remix:

And – who would have guessed that – there is also a Morshu-Remix:

And guess what, there is also a McRoll:

Here is a nice interpretation of this music, using string guitars, dont actually where it comes from:

Another quite nice one, which is like a mixture of Marx, Disco Music and partially reminds of the common Touhou-Themes:

There are a lot of other remixes, you can find a lot of them on youtube in the related videos to the ones I linked here. All the videos are not made by me, just found on youtube, so be kind, comment and rate them.


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