Best lisp-server-framework for blog-hosting?

Since I finally decided to get my own little vps, I want to begin hosting this blog on it asap.

Well, I could use WordPress there, and certainly, I will do so in the beginning, because it seems to me the easiest way of porting the old data from this blog to some storage I possess.

And actually, in the beginning, I want to continue posting my stuff here, while posting it parallely on the other server.

Still, in the long term, I hope that I can completely switch to this new server. Anyway, there will be a lot of work to do. At the moment I wonder about the Software I will use.

I would like to use Kompottkin’s blog-software (if he allows me) which bases on Common Lisp, using Clisp with CGI as far as I know. It looks nice, and – well, its the only CL-Blog-Software I know anyway. But actually, I dont think that Clisp+CGI is good, since I want to use lisp primarily.

Maybe Hunchentoot is a better choice (and it shouldnt be too hard to port that software). But at least the last time I tried that, Hunchentoot wasnt well on CLISP, it couldnt handle more than one connection at a time. I saw a new thread-management in the API Docs, and as far as I understood it should be possible to make the server single-threaded, but anyway, I dont know if this is a good idea. Then there is SBCL which has a strange memory-management. On my VPS, I can use at most 2 gigabytes of RAM with it, and can only run one SBCL-Process at a time. At least, SBCL seems to be very stable, as long as there is enough memory. Maybe it is possible to tell SBCL to stop all functions that consume too much memory, etc., since SBCL doesnt crash on heap exhaustion, but sends an error. Then there is CCL. CCL appears to use memory more efficient, as far as I tested, but it segfaults when you allocate too much of it. Then there is ECL, which shouldnt have these problems at all, but I dont know whether Hunchentoot runs on ECL yet.

Well, there are a lot of possibilities. All should work, but all must be tested. I know that „begging for comments“ is not a good thing for a blogger to do, but … well, I would appreciate any comment by any person knowing more.


5 Responses to Best lisp-server-framework for blog-hosting?

  1. I’m running SBCL fine on a (non-VPS) server with 512 MB RAM.
    A fresh SBCL core with Weblocks loaded does not need more than 80M of virtual memory.

    Not sure what you’re getting at with the memory exhaustion thing. Yes, it’s nice to have proper out-of-memory handling, but you seem to treat it here not as an exceptional situation but as something you expect to happen every day. Why is that?

    There are several blog engine for CL that I know of.

    Cyrus Harmon’s nuclblog (Hunchentoot):

    Weblocks has a basic blog application that you can expand upon:

    John Fremlin’s Teepeedee2 web server with application framework with blog:

    In summary I think you’re worrying too much and should try to start hacking. ;)

  2. mico sagt:

    Wow, 2 gigabytes of RAM is more than enough for a lisp blog :) I can say that sbcl+hunchentoot+postmodern and a little bunch of other packages is about 40 mb of RAM.

  3. dasuxullebt sagt:

    Thank you for your comment.

    Well, I will use Hunchentoot in the first place, at the moment I am trying to get php-cgi work behind hunchentoot. And I will have to port the blog-software I want to use (mulkblog).

  4. mico sagt:

    I think the most elegant way (if you have VPS) is to start standalone hunchentoot server without СGI. Can’t find mulkblog on the web, is this you own blog engine? Did you try nuclblog? Does it suite to your needs?

  5. dasuxullebt sagt:

    I want to use hunchentoot as the main-server, but I have a few php-pages I also want to host. At the moment I am hosting them on lighttpd on another port. But in the long term I want to run them using hunchentoot-cgi. I like hunchentoot and I want it to become an „alternative“ for other servers for me. Its more idealistic than pragmatic.

    Mulkblog is the software uses. Since I know the developer personally (and know a little of the code) this is the software I want to use. But at the moment it lacks support of pingbacks and is made for cgi, so I will have to change it to run under hunchentoot – which is more work, but also more fun than just using nuclblog ;-) – there is no need to hurry for me at the moment (and currently I have to do a lot of other work at university, so I dont have the time to). However, of course, nuclblog looks good. Its just the fun-factor.

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