Randomly Found Software: XorCurses

Xor is a strategy-game, and seems like a very old one. Though, I didnt know it yet. You have two shields that you push through mazes with Chickens, Fish and Stones which move after you, and you must collect masks. Well, this sounds strange, and I actually dont know what they thought of, when designing this game with these items.

There seem to be a lot of ports of this game (like of most older games), like a JavaScript-Version and some Windows-Ports, etc., but well, the one I want to look at today is XorCurses (via).

As the name suggests, it is implemented using libCurses, thus, playable in the console, which makes this game a very nice thing. They did a good job programming it, the walls and the items look really good, even though just an ascii-game. So, it is quite a fun to play. Here is a screencast:

The gameplay somehow reminds me of Fish Fillets NG. Anyway, this game is fun. Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be any packages yet, but it is easy to compile and install.


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