Randomly Found Software: Cube Escape

Mon, 09 Nov 2009 11:29:08 +0000

One thing that probably any game developer has yet wondered is what makes a good game actually good. Of course, there are Graphics, Sound, an epic Story, which can make a good game. But in the end, anybody will agree, that a good game is not made good by these things.

Actually, I think, the most important thing for a game is that it has a good idea behind it. When you look at Tetris and how many variants this simple idea has produced meanwhile. Or at snake. Such „classics“ have all been really simple games, but they have been a good idea.

Since there are a lot more games today, and it is a lot easier to code them, there are not that much new ideas. Still, sometimes you find one. Like I recently did: Cube Escape.

Seems like this game is in an early state of development, but the way it is, it is already really nice. You play a point on a cube that has to find its way through a maze on that cube to get to a next, bigger cube with another maze on it.

This sounds easy, and in fact, in the beginning it is easy, but as the cube gets bigger, it gets more difficult.

Since I like creating screencasts at the moment, well, here is one:

As you can see, it is quite fun to play it. This game is the right thing for sleepless nights and bored sundays.