Weekly Game Music – Kirby’s Canvas Curse

When thinking of Kirby, a little anecdote comes to my mind. Being at a hotel with a fellow student, having no internet access, I decided to play a bit. Sitting in front of me, he didnt see what I was playing, but could hear the music, and suddenly he asked „is this a kirby game?“. Of course it was, it was Kirby 64. He also could – without even knowing the game itself – recognize the music of the world map there.

Well, I didnt play much Kirby in the past, I began to play these games only a couple of years ago. They all share a similar style of music. Either you like it, or not. I like it – sometimes.

A game that is really strange, and a game that I will probably not play though, is Kirby’s Canvas Curse. Instead of making a Kirby-Like game where you can use the „Stylus“ – the Pen for the Nintendo DS – as a feature, they decided to make a game only playable by the stylus. It was an idea – and maybe it is fun. But I dont have a Nintendo DS, and I am not planning to buy one. And actually the videos of this game I have seen so far dont really look like I would like that game.

Anyway, what makes this game special is its soundtrack: Almost all entries on the soundtrack are remixes of music which already appeared in previous Kirby games. They sound strange, as they are techno-remixes, but they are sweet.

There is a playlist on YouTube with all the tracks in it. It is quite enjoyable, but for those who dont want to hear all of it, I have picked a few parts of it here.

First, there is a version of the Butter Building Music I already blogged about:

Then we have a version of the Nightmare battle from Kirby’s Adventure:

A very confusing remix of a music that is usually happy, for example used for the Float Islands in Kirby’s Dream Land 1 and 2. I think they changed the melody from major to minor scale, but I am not quite sure:

And finally, a music which (as far as I know) didnt appear in any Kirby Game before. Seems like it is the Music of the final boss. Whatever, I like it.

Just for having said that, the videos are not made by me, just found on youtube – the playlist was compiled by me because I liked to listen to that soundtrack, but the videos were uploaded by somebody else. So: Comment and Rate them!


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