Weekly Game Music: Adventures Of Lolo

Sorry, this time I dont have much time to write a longer article. Though, well, I use this opportunity to shorten my list of links, finally blogging about this one.

Well, I could write a lot about Adventures Of Lolo, but well, I guess, the Wikipedia Article and the Article about Castle Lololo in the Kirby Wiki will be more informative.

To summarize this: The game was made by Hal Laboratories, which also made the most Kirby-Games. Its adventure-like. The main characters Lolo and Lala – or characters based on them – appear as bosses „Lololo“ and „Lalala“ in several Kirby Games.

Anyway, well, the music in this game is rather repetitive, but its nice. I couldnt find a Vid with only the Music, but one with the whole Gameplay. The music starts at about 0:48.

And well, since there are a lot of fans of that game, also a petition can be found, asking Hal Labs to release new Lolo Games. Weird stuff.


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