Weekly Game Music „Christmas Special“

My blogging pause was sooooo long (and still, I have some work to do, but at the moment I dont have the mood to do it), and I am sure all of you almost cannot expect this week’s game music I have chosen and have nothing better to do on christmas eve than reading my blog ^^.

So well then, to force you to think of christmas like the whole rest of the world wants to force you, this time I chose a topic „Christmas Special“ with songs that fit into christmas somehow, that is, some Ice-Level-Music.

The first thing I can think of about this was the Snow-Mountain-Music from Super Mario 64.

Even more „Christmassy“ is the Vanilla Lake Melody from Super Mario Kart:

In contrast to that, the Ice World of Super Mario Bros. 3 has a theme that sounds more „icy“. It fits to a huge ice desert rather than to a funny snowball fight:

The next one comes from Donkey Kong 94, from the world named „Iceberg“. It has a similar style. When hearing it, there are two words coming into my mind, namely „hypnotic“ and „psychedelic“.

From the Donkey Kong Universe, there is also something less psychedelic, more „Christmassy“, the Walrus Cove from Diddy Kong Racing:

And a very relaxing Music from Donkey Kong Country 2, I never played it that far, but it seems like its called „Black Ice Battle“:

Leaving the Donkey Kong Universe, entering the Zelda Universe, we will find the following relaxing Melody, played during the Ice Cavern in Ocarina Of Time:

Also slower than the others and rather mystical is the Music from the Temple of Droplets in Minish Cap:

Unfortunately, thats all Zelda-Stuff I could find fitting here. So lets turn to the Kirby. There is the Cloud World in Kirby’s Dream Land 2, which is no Ice World, but I think the Melody fits perfectly here:

And – of course – the Shiver Star from Kirby 64:

As always, the Vids were not made by me, just searched and found on YouTube – so klick on them to comment and rate them.


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