Weekly Game Music: Cheetahmen II

I actually dont really know anything about Cheetahmen II, except that the following melody comes from that game:

I found it when searching for the same melody from Syobon Action:

which is quite a nice game …

Well, there is not much to say about this melody except that it seems to be famous, and has a lot of remixes you can find on youtube when searching for Cheetahmen. Of course, there is the compulsory Mario Paint Remix:

FortunateSurprisingly I couldnt find any Morshu-Style-Remix or McRoll. So well. Here is a strange Remix, called „15 years passed by remix“ – whatever that means:

And a nice techno-remix:

As always … Videos were just found on youtube, so if you have an account please comment and rate them.


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