Randomly Found Software: xdotool / Moving X11-Windows from the shell

In my oppinnion, there is one main problem with Linux, namely X11. X11 may be very flexible, but the flexibility it provides is almost never needed. In fact, it could be more flexible in some cases where it isnt (for example suspending and reattatching sessions doesnt really work easy), and in many cases, X11-Applications do only work under X.org-Implementations – that is, there seems not to be any nonstandard-implementation of X11 that is really usable (at least I dont know of any, even solaris uses X.org meanwhile iirc).

Well, under Linux, there are some netbooks which work with the Framebuffer. In general, commercial products seem to use X11 when needed, but bypass it. And Mac OS X doesnt use X11 at all – it has an X-Server, but only for compatibility reasons. And this X-Server has a Window Manager which isnt compatible with a lot of applications for window movement. Which lead me to the question whether it was possible to programmatically move X11-Windows from the outside of an application. And well, there is one.

Namely I found the command line tool xdotool.

Since I have absolutely no time to write about every functionality of this software at the moment (still a lot of work to do, and it keeps getting more) – well, its easy to compile and install under Mac OS X – though it has a few dependencies, which can be installed through MacPorts – so I’ll leave it to the interested reader to do experiments with it.

Under Mac OS X you will notice that it complains the lack of the XTEST-Extension. Here is where I found the solution to this:

defaults write org.x.X11 enable_test_extensions -boolean true

Do this in the commandline and restart your X-Server. Then it works under Mac OS X – at least for me.


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