(Bi)weekly Game Music: Kung Fu Master – Stage 4

Firstly – well, since the music (and time) is getting rare, I cant provide a music every week anymore (without making it boring), so I will make this biweekly instead of weekly from now on.

Kung Fu Master is an old game. I never owned it myself, but played it with other people. It is one of the games I never really wanted to have. One of the games only the „bad kids“ liked to play. While I was stuck at Mario, Kirby and Zelda, they played Gargoyles, Turok and Kung Fu Master. But as for today, also in those days, software united the world, and so both kinds of kids exchanged their games from time to time.

Well, a great tune from this game is the Music played at stage 4 and 5. Unfortunately I couldnt find a YouTube-Video with only this theme. So well, here is a gameplay-video I found which contains these stages – they begin at 2:02.

And I have found a remix (which is really well done, as it just enhances the gameboy music instead of recomposing it):

As always, the Videos are not made by me, just found on youtube – be kind, comment and rate them!


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