It’s always the rants

When I started this blog about one and a half year ago, I was sceptical but curious about blogging. Some people I knew had blogs, where they were writing about personal things. I never wanted to do this. I dont see why anybody could be interested in me … so I decided to write about general things I saw or thought about, thus, one of my first articles was about the garlic mustard growing in my garden. Then after a bit religious stuff fastly the topic which concerns me most became the main topic: Mathematical logic and theoretical computer science.

Being a freetime-blogger with no aims of making money (which is – besides my chronical lack of time – why I still host this blog on WordPress) I never had many content that was really interesting to much people, and so, the number of hits to this page is about 40 per day (I assume at least 20 of them comming from bots).

But when looking at it, there were different days. For example, one day, I got over 2000 hits, when publishing my JNR-Preview. The second one was a little rant about clojure. Then some comments about haskell.

Currently, I was linked for an article about the Windows Screensaver (which was translated incorrectly, so the neutral information became a nitpicking about Windows). So – besides the spambots making comments about online casinos and sweet cheap omeprazol – I got a lot of hits compared to other days. I could tell that I am currently using Windows and am (mostly) satisfied with it currently, or that I am not a Linux-Fanboy and actually dont really like Linux and that I am nerved by the current culture around free software, I could talk about why I am currently so interested in OpenSolaris, but I dont want to get into this special topic.

Well, I like it when people are reading this blog. In fact, thats why I am writing posts, and thats why I also write some posts in english. But on the other hand, I always explicitly insist that I am in no way a specialist about anything I write, and I wrote a lot of stuff I really consider more interesting, but it seems like people like negative comments about software more than anything else I write.
by xkcd

(Comic embedded from xkcd)


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