Frustrational Blogging #1

I already had a lot of „Frustblogging“-s, this time I will try to post one in english, creating a neologism „frustrational“ (at least I couldnt find that word anywhere in a dictionary, so I assume it is free to be given a meaning).

Firstly, since about a month my mobile phone is behaving strange, and since I have a lot of phone calls to do in the next days, I need a reliable one. In April, my provider would pay me a new one anyway, but of course it had to get broken now, one and a half month before this. I also had an older mobilephone which worked well when I stopped using it, but it doesnt accept SIM Cards anymore, seems like it cannot read them or something. The cheapest mobile phone without simlock was 30€ … which is a lot of money for a phone you mainly buy for six weeks. But no choice – I had to buy it. There is no cheaper one without simlock, and the next cheapest was 80€. This 30€-Phone was made in China – so thank you China for producing cheap stuff!

Well, I am late with my project thesis, so I wanted to hurry up today. On the other hand, I wanted to drive home. So – well, took my MacBook and went home. At home, I have a large screen, where I usually put my laptops on when I am there – but this time I have forgotten the adapter one needs to connect the new MacBooks to external screens – thank Apple for not adding a simple DVI-socket to the macbooks, requiring them to have an external adapter!

At least I didnt forget the power supply.

So well, then since my thinclient refuted to start its X-Server for some reason (and now refutes to boot), I am bound to this little screen. Well, then, lets think of this problem later and connect to the internet. So I was – as usual – starting my 100€ OpenWRT-Compatible Router … booting … connecting … getting a correct dhcp-answer and everything … but not being able to connect to the internet. The stupid Windows Network Diagnose wasnt helpfull at all. And … hm … the router password is on the harddisk I have also left at my workplace. Urks!

So I digged out my old 25€ Digitus Router (which has no Wireless LAN – but who cares), and well, it worked. Since I dont have the router password at the moment (maybe its on another HardDisk I have here, but its … encrypted via LUKS, which makes it harder to access under Windows, but maybe I find time to do so), I will for now just continue with my old Router. Now having an internet connection I was thinking about setting up a new Syslinux-Live-System for my thinclient, so maybe I can use the large screen. This will now take about one and a half hour, since … well … Germany does its best to become an LDC, and thus there must not be fast internet in the countryside.

Just think about it: In Munich, Internet which is eightteen times faster than here is cheaper (luckily, we have DSL Connections here – in some other countrysides, they still use Dial Up connections). And through UMTS and HSDPA you will get mobile internet which is seven times faster than the cable internet here is – cheaper! Thank our politicians for the privatisation of telecommunications!

That being said, I am curious about rdesktop – I never used it so far. Maybe I get it work on my ThinClient.


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