Reddit Clone in QBasic

Oh, sweet sweet memories when thinking of QBasic – this first programming language I knew, which I taught myself by the integrated „online help“. It almost doesnt fit in any opinion about how a programming language should be I meanwhile learned – except that its easy. I remember using Strings containing assembler-code, which were then called by a „CALL ABSOLUTE“ statement. Omg. It was awesome. I myself spent a lot of time afterwards, when I already turned to Java, on

There were even 3d-Ego-Shooters for QBasic. But actually, I never would have thought of writing any form of web application with it. Well, this guy did. And I think that is AWESOME!

I mean, of course, with a compiler ported to newer Windows-Versions, it is clear that one can create CGI-Applications, even with QBasic. But I would never have thought of that. Ok, it reminds me of Cobol on Cogs – except that this one really works.


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