Randomly Found Software: Unetbootin – generating bootable USB-Sticks under Windows

So far, I always had to use some VM under Windows to create bootable media with linux or something. For example, I just had the problem to set up an USB-Stick for my thin client with some Linux with a running X-Server. But under Windows, well, I wouldnt even be able to edit the contents of that stick with a hexeditor. Searching for something else, I found Unetbootin on some Ubuntu-Site, which described how to set up a live usb-stick under windows.

This software can download the proper files to set up such a stick (and a variety of other distributions). I downloaded Xubuntu myself and passed the .iso-file to it.

Well, for some reason, sometimes it fails. But now finally it worked and I am currently writing this through rdesktop on that stick. Nice.

On the other hand, I still wonder how one can access Block Devices in Windows programmatically. I already found NT-IFS for Filesystem Creation and some Driver SDK for Block Devices (I think). But I just cannot find an API for listing and accessing block devices.


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