Biweekly Game Music: Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble is an arcade game from 1986. I knew it before, but just read that there is a 3d remake. You are a little dragon shooting with bubbles on enemies.

It has a main theme which is repeating over and over, and which is a real earworm. The 3d remake above is really addictive, you just cant stop playing it.

Here is a Video of the Theme, found on YouTube:

Then, there is the 3d remake of this game, which also comes with a version of this melody:

Ok. Then quickly lets get rid of the compulsory Mario Paint remix:

I am glad I didnt find a Morshu Style Mix and McRoll, neither is there a Brawl Version – except a few fan made melodies which should fit there, but afaik no official versions.

Thinking back to my younger years, me and my friends sometimes made lyrics for melodies of levels – sometimes they were complete nonsense or didnt have anything to do with the actual game or were simply vulgar (as children sometimes tend to be) … I may remember some of these lyrics, but I would never record them in a youtube-video. Well, the following guy did, and indeed, it is interesting that other people also created lyrics which were comparably stupid to my ones:

Cute – sort of. Then there are a lot of piano versions on youtube – some of them are bad, but most of them are really bad. So I spare you an example here. This time, also other instruments are played. For example, there is a guy playing the theme on an accordion (and actually it fits perfect):

It also fits perfect to brass instruments, as this version played with tubas shows:

Then finally, besides many really bad techno remixes, there is a nice techno remix (which I really like):

Well, I hope some day Scooter will find this and combine it with that 9 years‘ song above.

As always: The videos are not made by me, just found on youtube, so if you have an account, comment and rate them!


2 Responses to Biweekly Game Music: Bubble Bobble

  1. bubble is a very good game. They should make it look better though

  2. Leslie sagt:

    Hey, you forgot the amazing Bubble Bobble Hillbilly Remix:

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