Randomly Found Software: Browser Pong

Admittedly, Browser Games are nonsense – trying to extend the possibilities of an explicitly restricted environment like the browser, on computers that could do much more things.

On the other hand, this forces the people to have creativity. Browser Games cannot compete with other types of games when it comes to graphics or huge worlds. But they can with creativity.

Browser Pong (via) is one of these games. It uses popup windows as ball and racket. Well, thats a nice idea.

Reminds me of a Pong-Version I wrote with visual basic in a computer science course at school, I called it „Desktop Squash“ (since it was basically impossible for the computer to lose). It consisted of basically the same idea, three windows were arranged in that way, and were moving on top of the desktop – differently, well, these windows didnt have the usual window decorations, so it looked more like the „real“ pong.

Anyway, nice thing.


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