Randomly Found Software: Zile

The „holy wars“ between the Emacs- and the Vi-Users will probably never end. I am an Emacs-user, but actually, as a simple text-editor, Emacs is overkill. For writing configuration files, I never got used to Vi, and well, this hasnt changed so far, but at the moment I am trying to do so by using Vi whenever possible. But using Emacs for writing them is not good either, because Emacs takes its time to start up. I mostly used nano.

Now I found GNU Zile – an Emacs-Like, but small Editor. It has per default active region lightening and some other features I will probably never use. The most important thing is, that it is a powerfull editor like Vi, and in contrast to Emacs just a small text editor.

I am pretty sure I will use it more often from now on, since – well, I got used to the emacs-keybindings. I also installed firemacs.


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