Proceeding with Arch Linux: UMTS, clbuild, cups, booting through VBox

Even Though I had some problems in the past, now UMTS works through NetworkManager. I still need Windows sometimes, when I have to put new money on my umts-account, since I dont know how to do this without the GUI my provider provides.

Well, then due to the lack of Common Lisp Packages, I installed clbuild. Unfortunately, also clbuild is not very well maintained anymore, some packages dont even build anymore without modifications. I had in mind to create an AUR-Package for clbuild, but that is a problem since there are already guidelines for CL-Packages and I dont see how to include clbuild into them. Under Debian, there was the Common-Lisp-Controller, but as far as I understood, something like the CLC is not the philosophy of Arch Linux.

Then I installed CUPS and it sort of works with both of my printers. Not perfectly, but well.

Then finally one thing I really wanted for a long time now is being able to boot my Arch Linux through VirtualBox under Windows (well, actually I wanted to boot it through Mac OS X, but I almost dont use Mac OS X anymore). This is a bit tricky, since I didnt get the MBR to boot it right. So what I was basically doing is booting a Grub-CD and manually chainloading into the rootpartition of arch linux. I now unfortunately have the problem that sometimes my X-Server crashes, but I actually dont think that this is caused by VBox at all, I had a major system-upgrade short before. I dont even use the VBox Guest Additions, since I just login through my NX Server.

Ok, besides all the good things, there is one drawback: zfs-fuse doesnt work anymore. I tried to recompile it but it somehow always crashes. A pity, but I am sure this will be solved soon by the developers of zfs-fuse (or maybe Linus Torvalds just allows publishing a Linux-Kernel with ZFS).

I am sure there comes a time when I will reinstall my whole System. But for now I am just glad that everything works. Maybe I will wait until btrfs or zfs with deduplication gets stable – or some other deduplicating filesystem.


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